Choosing The Right Home Inspector

Buying or selling a home?  It is probably one the most expensive and exciting transactions you will ever make.  This is no time to shop for a cheap inspection.  The cost of a home inspection is very small relative to the home being inspected.  The additional cost of hiring an InterNACHI-certified inspector is almost insignificant.
You have recently been crunching the numbers, negotiating offers, adding up closing costs, maybe shopping for mortgages, and trying to get the best deals.  Do not stop now.  Do not let a real estate agent, a "patty-cake" inspector, or anyone else talk you into skimping here.  InterNACHI-certified inspectors perform the best inspections by far.
InterNACHI-certified inspectors earn their fees many times over.  They do more, they deserve more, and, yes, they generally charge a little more.  Do yourself a favor...and pay a little more for the quality inspection you deserve.
Licensing of home inspectors only sets a minimum standard.  Much like being up to code, any less would be illegal.  Imaginary people, children, psychics (who claim to "sense" if a house is OK) and even pets can be home inspectors.  InterNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, front-ends its membership requirements.
InterNACHI Certified Home Inspectors:
have to pass InterNACHI's Online Inspector Examination every year

have to complete InterNACHI's online Ethics Obstacle Course
have to take InterNACHI's online Standards of Practice quiz
have to sign and submit an Affidavit
have to adhere to InterNACHI's Standards of Practice
have to abide by InterNACHI's Code of Ethics
have to continue seeking skills and education (24 hours per year), per InterNACHI's Continuing Education policy
have to maintain a Member Online Continuing Education Log, per InterNACHI's Continuing Education policy
within 30 days of joining, have to successfully complete InterNACHI's comprehensive online Standards of Practice course
within 60 days of joining, complete InterNACHI's comprehensive online Roofing Inspection course, including all the quizzes within, and pass its final exam
have to attend at least one chapter meeting or educational seminar every two years (reasonable exceptions apply)
have access to Inspector's Quarterly, delivered to their doorstep;
have access to InterNACHI’s library for improving their inspection skills;
have access to InterNACHI's message board for exchanging information and tips;
have access to InterNACHI's "What's New" section so they can keep up with the industry;
have access to InterNACHI's specific-topic advisory boards;
have access to a time-tested Inspection Agreement, which keeps them (and you) away from lawsuits
have access to InterNACHI's Report Review/Mentoring service
have to submit passport photos for their membership I.D.
have access to InterNACHI’s online inspection courses
have access to a real estate agent hold-harmless clause
have access to InterNACHI University
have a consumer hotline for their clients
have access to an Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Service
So, hiring a certified home inspector is much more than a small investment is just one more way to have the “peace of mind” that every home owner desire’s.

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